Friday, 21 August 2015

Where should Temples be constructed.

A temple must be constructed at a place where earth's magnetic  wave passes through densely.  These places can be anywhere out of city or a town or a village or midst of a village or on a hill or midst of an River where small island is located.  There is science located in every step of constructing a temple which we ignore today due various reasons. 

Temples are constructed in a place where magnetic and electric field is abundantly available. This is the source of positive energy. These electric and magnetic fields are available from North and South Pole thrust. The main Idol is placed in centre of Temple and is called Garbha Gudi or also called Moolasthanam. Before placing the main idol in temple various sizes of copper plates are buried under the earth where the idol would be kept. The reason is the copper absorbs all the magnetic and electric field and radiates it all around the temple.

So the person visiting the temple frequently and who walks clockwise around the temple is beamed to receive these positive energy. But this is a very slow process a person visiting the temple frequently will absorb more positive energy and to live a long life all we need is a lot of positive energy. 

Every step involved in construction of temple involves sciences that would benefit us.

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